Purpose -

To develop and articulate long-range technology planning, guiding priorities, budgetary considerations, and evaluation of technology programs which effectively enable and support learning, teaching and operations across the whole school.

Goals -

  • Develop and articulate a long-range vision and goals for school wide technology initiatives.
  • Increase student achievement in curriculum subject areas and technology literacy.
  • Empower teachers’ use technology tools for innovative and effective teaching and learning.
  • Maintain strategic relationships & communications with all stakeholders and community at large on technology related initiatives.

Description - Technology Advisory Committee will:

  • Recommend, review and endorse strategic technology plan.
  • Provide guidance, feedback and direction on technology decisions having school wide implications.
  • Review and endorse technology annual budgets.
  • Develop, review and approve school wide technology policies & procedures.
  • Recommend and endorse new technologies to foster 21st century skills for student, teacher and staff.
  • Be a technology ambassador to promote the positive aspects of technology initiatives.

Technology Advisory Committee Members (School Year 2016-17)

Mr. Dan Hodes
School President
Mr. Paul Kelly
Principal (Co-Chair)
Mrs. Lucia McCune
Director of Finance
Mrs. Aimee Wetzel
Director of Institutional Advancement
Mrs. Sue Davis
Faculty Representative
Mr. Eric Bernazzani
Faculty Representative
Mrs. Linda St. Laurent Director of Instructional Technology
Mrs. Julie Hamilton
Parents Representative
Mrs. Jennifer Kelley
Parents Representative
Mrs. Mary Brophy
School Board Representative
Mrs. Kathy Dunford
School Board Representative
Maria Barczuk
Student Representative
Mr. Dennis Mizdail
Technology Department (Secretary)
Mr. David Lee
Director of Technology (Chair)

** If you are interested in helping Cardinal Spellman High School future technology direction and serve as a member of Technology Advisory Committee, Please email Mr. David Lee