Cardinal Spellman High School

Computer and Internet Use Acceptable Use Policy

Cardinal Spellman High School is a wireless facility and each faculty member may be issued a  tablet and MacBook for academic and work related use. This allows us to expand access to the world for academic purposes through the use of our computer network and internet access for staff and students. It also allows us to enhance our learning environment to teachers and students by promoting educational excellence at Spellman by facilitating  resource sharing, innovation, communication and collaboration. With this opportunity comes the responsibility for appropriate use. In order for an employee to use Cardinal Spellman High School’s computer network, Internet Connection, or any school provided or issued device, he or she must read these guidelines and sign acceptance of the rules and conditions of these policies.

All users should keep in mind that when they use the Internet, they are entering a global community, and any actions taken by them will reflect upon the school system as a whole. As such, all users must behave in an ethical and legal manner. Acceptable use is an extension of Cardinal Spellman high School’s employee code of conduct. All employees are responsible for appropriate behavior while using computers throughout the school and when on the network or internet. Appropriate network etiquette is expected both on or off campus.

Any infraction of network/computer use may lead to disciplinary action up to termination of employment. School and Network/Systems administrators will deem what is inappropriate use and their decision is final. The administration may request suspension, denial of a specific users network privilege.

The following are considered unacceptable use of the network/tablet/computer:

  1. Using the network for non-school related activities

  2. Plagiarism / Violating copyright laws

  3. Destroying or vandalizing school issued or provided equipment including stored files.

  4. Depleting resources intentionally, such as paper or data on the server.

  5. Violating the privacy of self and others by revealing or changing passwords

  6. Using a device that is not deemed public, or directly issued to you.

  7. Using, deleting, examining, copying, or modifying files or data on storage devices (including network or cloud storage) belonging to other users.

  8. Using abusive language or profanity.

  9. Spreading computer viruses propagating Email Spam or hacking.

  10. Sending or retrieving inappropriate material

  11. Posting personal information that would jeopardize your safety or someone else’s.

  12. Illegal use of software, freeware or shareware of use of any software with our the approval of the school

  13. Installing software deemed inappropriate on any school owned device

  14. Visiting internet sites deemed inappropriate by the school.

  15. The use of chatrooms/Facebook/Twitter, etc for school purposes without authorization from the school

  16. Reproducing software or copying software from Spellman owned equipment

  17. Taking pictures without explicit permission of person

Accessing the Internet

In compliance with the federally mandated “Children’s Internet Protection Act” Cardinal Spellman High School will provide the following precautions to protect students from illegal, obscene, offensive, inaccurate material or material of a bullying or harassing nature:

  1. Educating the students in proper use of the Internet

  2. Appropriate supervision and monitoring of student use.

  3. Filtering software designed to restrict access to unsuitable internet sites.

Security and Safety

  1. Employees should not give out personal information, including their address, telephone number, student name or information, or information regarding the safety and image of the school without permission.

  2. Use of Internet without a clearly defined educational objective, understood by both the student and teacher, is not allowed. Therefore, network and online games or engaging in personal online discussions are prohibited.

  3. Internet activities that use excessive network resources in ways that prevent others from accessing the internet are not allowed.

  4. Web page publishing of any material with abusive, harassing, threatening, or objectionable language is forbidden.

  5. Web page publishing bearing Cardinal Spellman High School’s name, including a Facebook Page, without permission from the Principal or Network Administrator is forbidden.

This contract is valid until a revised contract is published.

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