This guideline is intended to assist in writing a proposal to acquire any administrative and/or academic software/hardware technology solution at Cardinal Spellman High School (CSHS).  Proposals for software/hardware acquisition MUST be presented to Director of Technology at CSHS Technology Department in writing and address the following questions prior to any actual technology set-up or deployment at CSHS.  CSHS Technology Department is available to help answer any of these questions to prepare your proposal submission.   

Proposal Components

Section 1 - Business Justification Section

  1. What are the business or academic needs for the proposed software/hardware acquisition?

    • Provide a description of the business or academic problem that this software/hardware will solve.

    • Provide a description of the software/hardware including its functions and features.

    • Provide a statement as to who would be using the software/hardware technology solution.

  2. What are the benefits of this proposed software/hardware solution?

    • What are the benefits to the Student, Faculty and Staff? 

    • What are the benefits to the department(s) (Staffing, efficiencies, etc.)?

    • Estimate the amounts of any cost savings or benefits.

    • Can the software/hardware be used across all school department?

  3. What are the alternatives for purchasing this software/hardware?

    • Are there any other vendors provide similar offering? Have they all been evaluated?

    • Can an existing school technology solution be utilized as possible alternative?

    • Are there alternative business process or non-technology related tasks can be utilized instead of acquiring this technology solution?

Section 2- Software/Hardware Selection and Evaluation

  1. What other vendors have offerings that fit the same needs or address the issues?

    • Use internet searches.

    • Contact other schools using the same technology solution.

    • Attend conferences.

    • Name of three (3) other vendors that you have researched which offering similar technology solution and benefits.

  2. Which is the best vendor?

    • What criteria led you to select this particular vendor? (Pros vs. Cons)

    • Which vendor's software/hardware best fits our school's business processes and needs? Why?

    • What are the vendors' bona fides (longevity, staffing, customer base, financial stability, etc.)?

    • What reference checks have you performed to validate the chosen vendor's technology?  Are there any other schools using similar technology and what are their feedback/comments?

  3. What is the total cost of the proposed software/hardware (Total Cost of Ownership)?

    • What are the licensing fees, including database systems and/or other supporting software needs?

    • What are the vendor implementation costs?

    • What are the training costs?

    • What are the consulting costs?

    • What are the hardware costs (or costs for hosting the software)?

    • What are the ongoing maintenance costs?

    • What additional staffing needs are there, if any?

    • Will any costs be accrued by other departments?

    • Is there a ROI (Return on Investment) period where the software/hardware that will pay for itself? If so, what is that time frame?

    • Who will pay for the proposed software/hardware technology solution and ongoing costs? 

  4. What is the impact on existing CSHS technology infrastructure?

    • What other software/hardware are required to implement this?

    • What network connectivity is required?

    • What security issues exist (is there confidential information or student data privacy involved)?

    • Will this require client software be installed on PCs/Tablet/Laptop?

  5. What integration is needed for the proposed technology solution?

    • Will data from Rediker be needed to populate a database?

    • Will data from this software need to be available to (interface with) Rediker or other applications?

    • Will data need to be converted from an existing system?

    • What is the piloting plan before the actual technology implemented at school?

Section 3 - Evaluation and Assessment Criteria 

What process and the evaluation criteria will be used to determine the effectiveness of proposed technology solution after it has been implemented?  Please provide a brief description on -  1) the overall evaluation timeline and criteria to determine the success of recommended technology solution, and 2) the assessment method for the recommended technology solution.

Last Updated: January, 2017